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Marketing On LinkedIn - Episode 67

May 28th, 2013

Adam and Cory discuss how Google is bringing application data into their search results through Google+ sign-in, new data from Dan Zarrella about the importance of hashtags on Instagram, how to market on LinkedIn, including why you shouldn't just set it and forget it, how to make the most of LinkedIn Company Pages, how you can use LinkedIn Ads to your advantage, ways to reach influencers through content marketing, and LinkedIn's shift to mobile, Twitter opening up their ad platform to every US user and why you should consider running Twitter ads, the new White House Tumblr blog and how to properly pronounce GIF, Flurry's stats on the app audience vs the laptop/desktop audience and why it's time to stop reporting on this metric, Twitter's guide to not getting hacked and what you can do to protect your account, and more.

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